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About Author


Kevin Bradley Canada

Kevin Bradley Canada is an accomplished Writer, Scholar, and Activist for behavioral reformation. He has overcome significant obstacles in his life, including being a three-time convicted felon. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Kevin was initially influenced by the hustle and bustle of urban street life, which led him down a path of gangs, drugs, and thievery. However, he later realized that his criminal behavior was a result of an error in his judgment and perception and vowed to reform himself and help others do the same.

Dedicated to making a difference, Kevin decided to go back to school and enrolled at MSU Denver, where he earned a Degree in Performance Arts and Media Development with an emphasis in Music Composition and Production and Creative Writing. During his coursework, Kevin worked as an adult and family counselor, a Culinary Chef, and a bouncer at a local night club, all while being a single father. Through his experiences, he gained knowledge of criminality, becoming a self-proclaimed concrete criminologist.


Kevin’s book, “The Beast Degree,” offers an in-depth journey into criminality through the lens of a concrete criminologist. His philosophy is that the Beast Degree is the darkest of roles produced by the partitioned criminal personality. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand criminal behavior and how to reform it.

Kevin Bradley Canada’s personal journey from criminality to activism is an inspiration to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life. He is a true vessel for behavioral change and awareness, and his work has helped countless individuals turn their lives around.