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About Book

About the Book

The Beast Degree

The Beast Degree is an opus of cathartic fiction inspired by real-life events, taking readers on a surreal and allegorical journey through the criminal mind via the lives of two very different subjects and their respective peripherals. The author, Kevin Bradley Canada, expertly illustrates the cause and effect of criminality, as well as its consequences and resolutions.

This book is a great read, as noted by CEO of Chirag Magazine, Lee Rhinehart, who said, “It kept me turning pages. I see criminality and those affected by it in a different light now.” Through his storytelling, Canada sheds light on the complexities of criminal behavior and the individuals who perpetrate it.

The characters in this book are multi-dimensional, their stories woven together in a way that leaves readers captivated and questioning their own preconceptions about criminality. Canada uses allegory to highlight the dangers of falling into the “beast degree” of criminal behavior, and the devastating effects it can have on not only the perpetrator but also those around them.

If you want to gain a deeper understanding of criminal behavior and the factors that contribute to it, The Beast Degree is a must-read. It is a thought-provoking and enlightening book that will leave you with a new perspective on criminality and its impact on society.